An artist-run-Café-Bar (Ana Conda am Ufer), a Lab and a Residency studio are currently being developed in the southern wing of Ufer_Studios, a culture complex dedicated to live arts in the Berliner district of Wedding. The initiative is hosted by a newly created culture association: neue häute e.V., and co-funded by Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.

The Café space: Ana Conda am Ufer (ACAU), premiers on May 8th. A place of encounters in the middle of a community devoted to body-based practices, it is developed to serve as the heart of the house. We will offer breakfast & lunch 3 times a week, community dinners, bar for the after-performances and a variety of formats - such as “Process-Bar”, curated in close collaboration with artists & actors of the local Art Scene.

All spaces in the house are run cooperatively, aiming to support independent production locally, from alternative models of consumption, to self-organization, care & feminist politics and interdisciplinary collaborations focused on process-based practices.

The events produced by neue Häute will be accompanied by different educational and participatory formats, engaging a variety of publics in the co-creation of different forms of knowledge production.

The gastronomy offer has a plant-based approach, and will be connected to several regional producers. We are planning the implementation of a gardening structure and a mushroom lab which will help sustain both the menu & the experimentations around the act of gathering around a table to share time, stories & skills.