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👉🏼 PLAY! At ACAU is a creative program dedicated to Ukrainian children fleeing from war and their parents. In each session we play with music, dance, theater and drawing!

👉🏼 EVERY SATURDAY (since April), from 11h to 15:30h at ACaU.
👉🏼 the address is in Uferstrasse 23, 13357 Berlin (nearest public transport : U-Bahn U8 Pankstraße or U9 Naunynstrasse)

👉🏼 For Ukrainian children and their parents  
👉🏼 Coordinated by Asya Aschmann (dance artist, currently studying in HZT, producer of educational projects) & Elina Nikolaeva (producer and project manager for video and educational projects), and various volunteers. Artistic collaborators are Playtronica
👉🏼 Supported from neue häute e.V., Soydivision Collective, Uferstudios GmbH, PURPLE Internationales Tanzfestival für jungeres Publikum (etc.)

👉🏼 If you want to register first, please
📧 send email to a.ashman@hzt-berlin.de
📞 or call +49 17682037671 (whatsapp/telegram)
📲 or register via telegram group https://t.me/playACAU

How to support?
🤝 Become a volunteer! By leading or assisting a workshop / helping coordinate the team / translating / assisting with cooking / something else? :)
👉🏼 Register here https://bit.ly/35MtHR3

💎 Make a donation! Help us cover the costs of the program: art materials, food, beverages for kids & parents.

Name: neue häute e.V
IBAN: DE88 8306 5408 0004 2471 59
Concept: PLAY! Creative program at ACaU

NOTE: *neue häute e.V. is a non for profit association registered in Germany. After your donation you will receive a Spendebescheinigung (donation certificate) per email (please specify email) that you can later use in your tax declaration. Thank you!