Throughout the last 20 years in the fields of dance & performing arts there has been a focus, both economically & discursively on developing international co-operations, touring, cultural exchange. Artists then need to travel in order to earn a living, maintain and gain opportunities, often causing them to be only ‘based’ in Berlin, compromising our commitment and responsibility to our community. The effects of such a transient lifestyle which also plays into a Neo-liberal one, renders people everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But is this the only way?

In addition, the climate crisis, the awareness of our individual co2 footprint, reflectionson our modes of transport become more present in public discourse. So what happens when an artist decides or has to remain at home? Are there other ways of producing and doing work more locally? Can we think of another model & rhythm of generating relations?

Besides touring or networking, what structures can we work towards? What can we gain from other non artistic modes of being local? What can we learn from living and working in the city we call home? W hat types of social lives are we arranging? How do we condition our living together?

Dealing with the complexity of the idea and reality of being local is the ongoing concern and focus for our new artist lead collective neue häute, formed by artists-curators from ES, IR, GE, and PO based in Berlin. We are currently developing a cooperative artist run space at Uferstudios (Wedding) opening on April’ 20. Our artistic program, focussed on process-oriented, collaborative, interdisciplinary practices, responds to the identity and physicality of 3 spaces: acommunity café/artist-run bar, a lab-room and a residency studio. In preparation for the opening of these spaces we would like to conduct an intense research phase on the topic ofbeing local:



to reflect on the dynamics of local production, to understand “how the work works” by looking from the point of inscription in the context of different practices or positions.

to open the process of artistic & social research and make it accessible to local audiences, expanding the process of knowledge generation being receptive to wider audiences through local alliances.

to act on the work space as an area of symbolic production and exchange in which different logics may rule beyond the material value, fixing a landscape of oral or organic transactions running along with the process.

to produce affections and new symbolic links in the context of the community where we are embedded (professional, social, geographical), superposing new imageris to the daily practices, producing communality as public good, negotiating different levels of knowledge: sedimentation - poetics of distribution and circulation.

to reformulate 
the concept of curated venue from a paralized & prescribed institutional logic towards a perception of space as a shared resource, as a shared infrastructure enhancing the local scene, acting as a mediation tool to communicate to wider audiences discursive & economic contemporary approaches in art which critically address burning social issues affecting Berlin’s ecology of work.

to enrich our individual artistic pathways through the intersection with other fields in and outside of art, taking artistic research as a context in itself for experimentation, learning and collaboration across disciplines.


For our research LOCAL AFFAIRS we will conduct a series of group studies based on the idea of the affair as a technology that allows us to work wit the concept of the space. Being an event or sequence of attachments (sexual, romantic, or passionate), a affair is often defined by it temporality, the recurrence o frequency of encounters. They become clusters of affinities binding people together around specific desires and concerns, and from this point we want to take the time to learn and discuss the complexities of being local in the live art field today.


We will instigate 3 different “affairs” corresponding to the three sections of our overall artist run space neue häute, researching what contexts of experience are created for the spectators already by the very choice of space while experimenting with local modes of display.


When: Monthly on FridaysHow to participate: submit a proposal to

** About the poster:
"Go for it & Own it (from Competitive Remuneration series),
clay, 14 x 7 x 7 cm, 2018",
by artist Gisèle Gonon, and is a study she realized in the process of producing her installation "Work with us". We very much like the spirit and align with it. Thank you Gisèle

How does it work:
On Friday nights, once a month at Ana Conda am Ufer, an artist is invited to share/present/display/tell/test/taste parts of an ongoing research project with an engaged audience. This time and this space we are hosting is a hybrid between an open studio, a public lab, a mixologist study and a feedback circle, where we want to zoom into more invisible aspects of artistic production. To meet during the initial stages of a research process is beautiful and affective: is like an incubatory architecture where ideas are flowing, connections are growing and material and immaterial forms of knowledge are migrating between many different disciplines. We invite a small audience / circle for these Friday sessions to immerse themselves in this temporary care space, where we listen, experience, exchange, embody ideas and get inspired by others.These Friday nights are organized by neue häute e.V., curating a constellation of host and guest every time. The PROCESS Bar is accompanied by a crafted drink and/or. meal echoing the topic of the research shared on that night.