Ana Conda am Ufer / ACaU 

Kollektiver Forschungsraum

Uferstr.23 c/o Uferstudios
(13357, Wedding)

Our TAKE AWAY is open

June 2021 Menu by Soydivision
| Juni Menu bei Soydivision

Kitchen Team:

The Kitchen Team of Ana Conda am Ufer in 2021 is a collaboration with Berlin-based collective:

Soydivision - Berlin-based, Indonesian Culinary and Contemporary Art Conspiracy

For culinary-oriented desire, please kindly visit our new spin off project :

sōydivision is a performing art collective consisting of Berlin-based Indonesians, positioning itself in the intersection of art and activism. As a registered UG, Soydivision curated performances, organized workshops, culinary art activities, film screening, and discussion sessions. Their diasporic point of views offer an alternative approach to contemporary challenges through art, inviting a new kind of dialogues and engagement

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok

& Cocina Azul Picante (Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez)

A new cuisine, Azul Picante... genuine Mexican tacos, tortas and gringas al pastor in Tegucigalpa. Follow us!
We sell delicious tacos al pastor for take away and home delivery in the form of taquiza for your family or work meetings (minimum 20 people). You can order by set of 4 tacos or by Kilo. They come with onion, cilantro, pineapple, lime and 2 delicious habanero sauces, so order now!

& K.Libra (Paloma García González) - Mediterranean Modern Cuisine

The Kitchen Team of Ana Conda am Ufer in 2020 was a collaboration with Berlin-based gastro artists: 

Jo Vávra, Kmi, Gabriel Vallecillo (Cocina Azul Picante), Paloma García González (K.Libra).

ACaU Café-Resto-Bar is managed  by Silke Bake, Sheena McGrandles, Paz Ponce and Jo Vávra (Vorstand of neue häute e.V.)

Interior design:
Jo Vávra  
& Studio Erasmus + Gero