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Kollektiver Forschungsraum

Uferstr.23 c/o Uferstudios
(13357, Wedding)

Ana Conda am Ufer is a new café, bar and art lab on the Panke in Berlin-Wedding, at the heart of Uferstudios community. Our kitchen is collectively governed, collaborating with several artists groups and our café serves as a multifunctional room where we host cultural formats stemming from our in house community. Different economies, desires and forms of trust circulate under the same roof. Our space is open ... to host formats by third parties, as long as they have an emphasis on community learning and/or network building. We place an emphasis on process-based formats that mediate artistic research, seeing our work closer to a dramaturgy activity rather than a curatorial one. We often use the kitchen as an expanded pedagogical/performative space where to experiment with different forms of hosting.
By request we can organize hosting formats including catering offers in collaboration with our artists/cooks community.

ACaU Café-Resto-Bar is managed by Silke Bake, Sheena McGrandles and Paz Ponce (Vorstand of neue häute e.V.), in collaboration with Ariel Orah (soydivision).

Interior design:
Jo Vávra  
& Studio Erasmus + Gero

We are open! Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 12:00 to 17:00 (food until 16:00)

Januar 2022 Menu 
| February Menu 

Kitchen Team:

The Kitchen Team of Ana Conda am Ufer in 2021 is a collaboration with Berlin-based collective:

Soydivision - Berlin-based, Indonesian Culinary and Contemporary Art Conspiracy

For culinary-oriented desire, please kindly visit our new spin off project :

sōydivision is a performing art collective consisting of Berlin-based Indonesians, positioning itself in the intersection of art and activism. As a registered UG, Soydivision curated performances, organized workshops, culinary art activities, film screening, and discussion sessions. Their diasporic point of views offer an alternative approach to contemporary challenges through art, inviting a new kind of dialogues and engagement

pic taken from Empathy Supper at KW by Olivia Kwok

& Café Müller  (Cook in residence: Tauras Stalnionis)
Tauras Stalnionis is a designer interested in co-creative practices constructing performative events as take-away food experiences. Café Müller refers to 1978 Pina Bausch's performance by the same name featuring the theatre stage as a coffee shop. Similarly, this project aims at designing a stage in a real café treating eating experience as a performance. The residency at Uferstudios will act as a platform for testing different aspects of Café Müller by designing small samples and serving them for lunch to the audience.

The Kitchen Team of Ana Conda am Ufer in 2020 was a collaboration with Berlin-based gastro artists: 

Jo Vávra, Kmi, Gabriel Vallecillo (Cocina Azul Picante), Paloma García González (K.Libra).